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Study in Denmark


Akarui Education Consultancy Pvt.Ltd.  with the primary objective to making Nepalese students educated, skillful and internationally competent. Students you all are going to make one of the most important decisions of your/their life by choosing our services. Choosing the right study destination is as important as choosing the appropriate course and institution that can save your future.

We have hardworking, honest, professional and dedicated full time education counselors in our organization and student requirement unit who provide authentic information to student who wish to study abroad (Japan, Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Finland, Norway, Korea and many more). Akarui provide following services to students who want to pursue higher education abroad.
  •  Counseling students to find the right study destination and Colleges/Universities as per their academic, profession, financial and family back ground.  
  •  Assist students to choose the right course and Degree Level as per their academic and profession back ground.
  •  Processing student applications for admission to secure admission letter. (Such as eligibility letter, offer letter etc.)
  •  Guide students to make appropriate visa documentation as per the requirement and checklist of the Embassy.
  •  Assist students in lodging their visa application.
  •  Support students to make necessary travel accommodation arrangement.


  • Experienced, dedicated, friendly and responsible instructor.
  • Regular classes and tests are conducted to build up the confident and to identify the actual level of student.
  • Small class size for interactive participation of student and personalized attention to students.
  • Free study materials, free internet access, extensive library facilities and advanced electronic items for practice proper.
  • Regular presentation, group discussions and muck interviews.